Lip Scrub Exfoliator Brush

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Brush Your Lips Everyday!

Lip Exfoliator Brush: designed to massage and exfoliate dry/chapped lips. Two sides - The smaller side is used to massage the lip scrub in. The larger side is designed to exfoliate and scrub away dead skin.


Bossy Glossie Exfoliator Benefits: 

  • Massage your lips with a lip exfoliator brush with a lip scrub. Bossy Glossie carries three varieties - Maple Brown Sugar, Pink Lemonade, and Cinnamon Vanilla.) You will see your ¬†lips will becoming¬†smooth and plump¬†immediately.
  • Perfect for men and women!


 How To Use:

  • Take your lip exfoliator brush and desired lip scrub and apply in a circular motion. Extend brush around the lip area to massage fine lines and wrinkles.


Colors: Purple, Rose, Pink, Green, Yellow


Quantity: 1 Exfoliator Brush