Velvet Scrunchies 5-Pack

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Velvet Scrunchies: Perfect for attending parties, ceremonies, and daily wearing. Bossy Glossie will randomly select 5 colors for you and acts as a fun surprise. Our theme is all about being vibrant and fun. Let us add this pop of color to your life ♡ 


Bossy Glossie Scrunchie Benefits: 

Premium Velvet Material is comfortable, stretchable, and elastic. Each scrunchie has a durable rubber band that will NOT tangle your hair.


The mix of Colors that might be included in your Bundle: Milk White, Green, Beige, Sea Blue, Sapphire Blue, Red Purple, Rusty Red, Light Gray, Light Camel, Pink, Red, Purple, Dark Pink, Dark Violet, Wine Red, Amber, Camel, Dark Blue, Beige, Light Blue, Light Pink, Baby Blue, Light Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Yellow, Orange Yellow, Orange, Fluorescent Green, Green, Pale Green, Olive Green, Violet, Mysterious Blue, Baby Pink, Shocking Pink, White, Deep Pink, Carmine, Brown, Gray, Deep Purple, Dark Green.


Material: Premium Velvet Material